The No Ideology Ideology

I've had it!

I had a conversation with a friend a few months ago about how the NDP is not a very dangerous political party nor the SCAF since they do not have an ideology. Back then I didn't have a tangible proof nor the right words to describe how they had one.

First of all, what is an ideology? According to wikipedia it is, "a set of ideas that constitutes one's goals, expectations, and actions". Fuck wikipedia, everyone says it's inaccurate, according to Cassell Concise English Dictionary, it is "The science of ideas, especially that enunciated by Condillac, abstract of fanciful theorizing; the political or social philosophy of a nation, movement, group, etc..." My simple definition is, if two people share the same belief or idea, they have one ideology in common, & eventually any human being ends up to be a set of numerous & different ideologies. What makes a military institution have an ideology? It happens when they have a political opinion. From my perspective, our military institution had one... Instead of acknowledging our righteous revolution, they mugged the authority instead of leaving the normal sequence of events to move on, claiming that Hosni Mubarak left the authority to them while it was so obvious that they forced him to step down, according to the state television that was following their instructions at this moment & always referred to him as the "Expelled President". They adopted an ideology from the day they decided to stay in power, their ideology is very simple, they have an opinion...

Their opinion is that the political status of the country is very weak, & they think that all the politicians that exist in the Egyptian society won't be able to handle the gap in politics & will be smashed by the Muslim brotherhood. The military officers obviously wouldn't like it if they became the ministry of defense of an islamist party or even a socialist one, thus they kept on wasting time knowing that the more the time passes people won't be set on one goal & end up dividing into several mini groups & mini political parties. With this happening they became sure that they will have the biggest presence in any decision that is being made. It was an attempt to divide the people, & it worked. Also, they gave a label on some people, called them Salafi & kept on advertising their crimes on television to make sure that they will replace the Muslim Brotherhood in their ex-reputation of being a threat to the state because of religious fanaticism. Needless to say, they are very scared to lose the neo-capitalist economic system since this is the only guarantee for them to keep their money in their pockets & get more. They don't want to take the risk to have a government a bit socialist in spirit that might take some of their properties to help the poor 50% of our population.

One important advice to the SCAF:

An armed force that adopts an ideology is not called a professional army like everyone is saying. It gets on my nerves that everyone is talking about the Egyptian army as if it was a professional army. ABC professional army is not having an ideology, nor a draft, unfortunately our army has both. A standing army is considered professional when it has no opinion about the country's politics. A professional military institution is an organization authorized by its GREATER SOCIETY to use lethal force, usually including use of weapons, in defending its country by combating actual or perceived threats. Once these forces work on developing ideas & start following them they transform to an armed militia, like the ELN of Colombia (National Liberation Army). The ELN of Colombia was founded in 1964 as a Marxist armed militia, as well as other armed forces in Colombia that don't like the country's politicians, nor the country's economic & political system. Their plan is to take authority by force. The only difference between the ELN & the SCAF is that the SCAF is luckier, they are already in power with some people yelling at them to leave it to a civil citizen, their preferred political & economic system is set up since the old regime. On the other hand the ELN is very unlucky since it is not the only militia in Colombia, they compete with the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army), the EPL (Popular Liberation Army), & the original professional standing army of Colombia that belongs to the citizens, that actually do what the GREATER SOCIETY wants.

No matter how much you love the army they have given to all of a us a shit social contract. Our ex-social contract with Mubarak was, he is president of everything & responsible for everything (howa mama we baba we anwar wagdy), his sons' can take the country's economy in a cruise from behind their father's back, as if it was a fancy car he just bought, you get a corrupt parliament that doesn't represent you, you get a link between the judiciary system & the executive sector so that the first would never clean itself on its own, you get a corrupt executive sector with ministers that are also members of the parliament so that they remain untouchable, & since it was this way, everyone rebelled against this shit. Our current contract with the military is, they are the president, they are the parliament, they are the executive sector & they are the top president of the judiciary sector, they didn't give us the law of separation of authorities, they gave us a shit parliamentary election law with weak discussion, they broke their own constitutional declaration concerning the emergency law & they are applying it whether we like it or not, & after the last Sunday's catastrophe they decided to discuss the law of houses of worship, same speed of Mubarak in noticing threat. We were supposed to just tolerate this status quo till September according to the contract we signed & afterwards we will have whatever we want through a civil state... IT IS FUCKING MID OCTOBER!!!

If I remember well, in the revolution we were one, & after that Mubarak resigned we became two (people who believed in mixing religion with the state, & people who didn't) & then we started to divide even more. What is happening now, is that the military institution is falling the same way Mubarak did, subject to their own mistakes. Each mistake they do will make people unite against them, & the more they will stay the more mistakes they will do, a vicious circle that I love & bailing out in a late stage is not like doing it in the early stages.

Last advice: The later the bail out, the more things you will lose, learn from the Mubarak experience, he was the stupidest & that is why he is risking everything now...

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