The Identity Crisis I

This is my first blog, I am a man who lived through out the Egyptian revolution & participated in it, without having any of the modern means of communication that apparently took the major credit for the success of our blessed & glorious incomplete revolution, & this is the first reality, we must remember 2 things, first, that the revolution is incomplete, second,  that these people (people like me) exist. They might be educated & perfectly willing & able to use the modern means of communication however they chose not to, or they don't have the time, the patience, nor the interest.

The reason I decided to do it now, is that I made a twitter account for the first time, & I thought what will I do with it without having a blog like any other Egyptian in the age of 20 - 40 able to use computers? it sounds like buying a nice jet-ski without having a nice 4 wheeler & a boat chariot to drive around Porto Marina & show off with my new boat... (If you don't know what is Porto Marina, one day we will have a socialist armed militia & this will be the first place they bomb).

This is Egypt, land of civilization LAND OF PLACES YOU WANT TO BOMB, we have always blamed the old regime because of its social injustice... Of course... they are to be blamed, however, once we finish blaming them we go to Porto Marina. That is why I realized that people don't really want justice, they want justice to a certain extent, once they have expressed that, they go & spend their money  in places that should be bombed. The old regime would have never built such places if there was no demand for them... You see people giving money to Somalia & Palestine, & the same people paying a million Egyptian pounds to buy a 100 meters square flat half a kilometer away from the sea in one of these shit holes, you realize that all the well off Egyptians are schizophrenic. Not the well off Egyptians only, I had a coworker that earned 1200 pounds/month, & he was married with 2 kids, of course he was completely in dept, & he always envied his boss for the cell phone he had. One day he made a decision to borrow money with interest & add it to his monthly salary to buy a 5000 pounds phone... Why? Because the phone will make other people think that he is from a different social class. Same as the Porto Marina guy, his family might have ten members wife, mother, children & grand children, still  he would buy the 100 meters square shit hole just to have the privilege of mentioning it to his friends that he is going to X place on the weekend, & all of them would give him a certain look & that makes him think "spending the million pounds was worth it".

The fascist racist sectarian society we have, that is divided into a hierarchy of classes that we created just for our personal pleasure, just because we had a sick sadist on the top of the pyramid that contaminated our society layer after layer to the bottom of the pyramid.


Why do we have to correct this?

Because this is not our identity, this is the one that was tailored by the generation that failed in maintaining a successful political system & accepted the defeat for 30 years, & because of us they are saved & still the ungrateful bastards doesn't want our generation to share in the fate of our society, they are scared of us, politically more than physically.

The revolution that happened is not a revolution of people against a tyrant. It is a revolution of a younger generation against an older generation. In the recent events in England, it could have turned into... Not a revolution, but at least into something bigger than just looting & riots, however England can't have something as big as what we had, not because they are organized or that they have better systems or smarter police forces, but because they succeeded in controlling the median average age of their society, to keep the society as old & obedient as possible... The median average age in Britain is around 40 years, it is a society of old people, nearly all of Europe has a median average age of higher than 38 years old, this is very old compared to the Arab world & Latin America, (i.e. Regions that might witness non-peaceful transition of power)

The median average age in the Arab world is between 16.4 in Yemen  & 30.8 in Qatar, no wonder Yemenis didn't have any trouble staying in the streets for more than 6 months to kick out their tyrant.Egypt has an average age of 24, Syria 22, Libya 24, & Bahrain has a median average age of 30.4, that is why it was very hard for them to make it, they are much older than us.

Bottom line, people who did the biggest role in our revolution are 24/25 years old, & where are they now? Some people call them revolutionaries, some people call them martyr families, but mostly god bless our supreme military council he found the best terminology to describe them, he called them Thugs (Baltageya)

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