Formulae For Half-Life In Exponential Decay

In the last few months, with the sudden "However Limited" freedom of expression, so many issues were raised, & some of them, are raised to last longer than the others. To me this process looks like dealing with radioactive substances. The issue itself is the substance, & the radiation is the rumor. You are not obliged to move a substance to contaminate something, however the radiation can always do the job. The same way nuclear power-stations control the radioactivity & the half-life of certain materials, the people in supreme power control issues & rumors after studying the exact result of each one of them, they increase the half-life of the ones that serve their purposes, & transform the ones that don't into nuclear decay.

The Old Game:

Back in the day, our government was controlling all the outlets from which all issues were being raised, or in my stereotype, all the sources of radioactive material. Each outlet was very wisely used to serve a certain purpose. A great example was happening every year:

The biggest issue Egyptians would always discuss in the beginning of every year, is inflation. Instead of giving the people the chance to discuss such issues, you would see that all the newspapers, television, etc... would race to talk about these issues on the behalf of the people, it is the classical most primitive way to create a fake public opinion. This scenario used to happen every year, you would see big clashes between ministers on these issues & the below scenario was the classical one to be used in such situations:

One morning you find in the newspaper that the minister of the central bank is insuring to Egyptians that there will be a minimum increase in prices of 25% in all commodities next year. The next day, the minister of trade comes out on television & insures that he does not agree with the minister of the central bank, & from his point of view the increase in prices won't  affect the strategic commodities. As if they have never worked together... Or may be have never seen each other before... Then few days later the minister of agriculture, who also have never met the 2 other ministers, comes out & explains how the increase in international prices might affect some strategic commodities. We used to remain in this hassle for at least 3 months, then all of a sudden, BAM! A minimum increase of 35% in all commodities.

Is the consumer shocked? The answer is "No"

The consumer is never shocked, the increase in prices was eased in to everyone, thus no one will stand & object, we all knew about this increase in prices coming up, they have been talking about it in the news for ages, & all of us are prepared for it if not financially, at least psychologically. It is a very simple & slick game that was being played on yearly basis. This game was always very easily plotted if you are the source of radioactive materials. The good news is, THIS GAME IS OVER!

The New Game:

First we have to agree that politicians are stupid, not only in Egypt, it is an international phenomenon, George W Bush was president... TWICE!!!
In our politicians' point of view, there is no big difference between the old game & the new game, they will still use the same classical effete policies. They are not creative enough to impose a new system, or a new protocol to control the above mentioned radioactive materials. Their technique in dealing with issues raised, is the same technique the far east uses for disasters or just to be fair, the far east is better in dealing with disasters since they can somehow anticipate it's source & power, shortly before hand. The people in power here don't act, they react, which keeps them always late, their technique is very primitive, they observe all the issues being raised & they don't have a big role in triggering them, however they can increase the half life of radioactive material or decrease it. We witnessed two incidents that can serve as perfect examples to prove my theory:

1- Decreasing The Half-Life of A Radioactive Material:

In July 2011, someone was badly injured in certain circumstances & died the next day. The circumstances were that this person was going to demonstrate peacefully to express his opinion in front of the headquarters of the people in power. What happened was that the people of the neighborhood around the headquarters were informed by undeclared sources that there will be thugs & thieves coming by, to loot their neighborhood. I wonder who would make up such a terrible lie? Politicians???? The first thing an Egyptian would do when informed of such news even if there is a chance of 95% that it would be only a rumor, is preparing Molotov cocktails, weapons & go down the street waiting for the big fight. WE LOVE TO FIGHT!! That is why it is very easy to call anyone "thug"...

The funny thing is, it wasn't a rumor, IT IS TRUE! People are coming from all over the place. Clashes & clashes, so many people wounded, & the next day a guy died from his wounds in the hospital...

The funeral was coming out of our famous Omar Makram mosque, for those who don't know this mosque is in Tahrir square (The football court of demonstrations & revolution), if this demonstration coming out of the mosque would succeed to cross the street & conquer the Tahrir square, this guy will transform from a thug to a martyr. Why is he classified as a thug? because he is against the people in power (This is the official name for them, see previous publications). It was impossible for them to let this guy become a martyr. They can't take the chance of creating a new one that would gain sympathy of the people. Especially if the average Egyptian mind might relate the people in power to the death of this particular person simply because it happened in their backyard...

No risks are to be taken, half-life of this radioactive material has to be decreased! & it happened. People came out of the mosque they found themselves surrounded by our beloved military police protecting them. They didn't let them out, they kept them for a while, then they sent each one home separately, a very smooth operation that was executed in a few hours schedule. A month passed, & do we remember this guy? do we remember the whole incident? No we don't.... This is a classical perfect half-life decreasing process to a radioactive material.

2- Increasing The Half-Life of A Radioactive Material:

In August 2011, three persons were killed. Two of them are useless, they are considered to be yearly casualties, simply they are numbers in statistics, however the third one is the most important, they were not planning on having him dead. This person is not like the one of July, the one of July was wearing normal trousers, may be jeans, & a shirt. The August man had "GREEN ON!" & that is the biggest difference. The dead of August was a perfect opportunity, a perfect radioactive material to serve the purpose of people in power. The people in power are having so much trouble controlling one part of the country. This part happens to be in a treaty with a second party that we are sharing borders with, thus the authority can't send military reinforcements in this part without the approval of the second party, the death of this man was used to serve their purposes.

A perfect plot, some political movements declared that they will do a demonstration in front of the embassy of the country that killed our men, WOW!!! THIS IS REAL FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!! What do we want more? A sit-in? DO A SIT-IN!! they are all yours, you can eat them alive...

I felt very weird this day, especially when I remembered what happened the 1st of August in Tahrir Square. This incident was a clear message that sit-ins are not to be tolerated during Ramadan, for all the problems it makes, & the traffic that doubles during Ramadan, we received a clear message that such behavior is not accepted in this blessed month & the political movements were generous enough to postpone the sit-in to further notice. However if you have another sit-in that would serve my purpose you are most welcomed to do it anytime of the year...

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