The Bull's Eye

From my regular sources of information, (Public places such as coffee shops, metro stations, cheap restaurants, etc...) I realized that Egyptians have a mixed idea about stability, whether economical or sociological.

A normal Egyptian that has no political background, no creative interests, & usually lives like a blinded bull roaming around a waterwheel, has a very important perspective for stability. Honestly it is the perspective that we should consider the most, since this kind of Egyptians represent a large number of our society. His simple idea is that the pre-revolution era (the 30 years of dictatorship) is the social & economic stability. We can't blame him, he lived for so many years able to go to his waterwheel every morning & pretend to work, without seeing people demonstrating in the streets, or having to change his course to avoid bottle necks caused by wild bulls attacking everyone.

The Bull & Social Stability:

In the eye of the bull the stability comes when you have zero percent demonstrations, zero percent opposition to the government, zero percent complaints, etc... However he is always able to tolerate all kinds of inflation, & recession. His way of expressing his tolerance is usually insulting the government, the revolution, or anyone he sees (with his blinded eyes) responsible for this incident that directly damages his salary that he earns from the owner of the waterwheel every 27th, 28th of a month. The bull knows nothing about change, his life lacks diversity for him to understand the meaning of this word, any change for him must be eased in with a process that takes several years for him not to feel it coming. He is not equipped psychologically for these sudden events. Our bull also have a very important definition for progress. For him getting married, having kids, being promoted at work from a bull of a waterwheel on a small canal to a bull in a pumping station on the main stream of our blessed Nile river is progress. For him social control & social order have nothing to do with him, it is the job of the government to control the people & their day to day pathways. It is the government's concern to be there for us all the time to keep us in control, their only tool to control & order is some people wearing a uniform & carrying guns. For the bull, seeing people with uniform & guns is social stability, this way he is sure that there is no desert lions hunting bulls on their way to work.

The thing the bull have never heard of, is social solidarity. That is because he is a farm bull, wild bulls in Africa & North America learnt that they are more protected living in herds thus they know more about this issue than our friendly little farm bull. For our beloved bull, seeing other bulls going on strike is something against his god, his god is called "The Production Wheel". Bulls believe in their superiors, & their superiors believe in this god, if he doesn't believe in it, he might get fired. It is the dominant religion in our society. Domestic bulls can't stand together, why? because they always think that they are better than each other. The bull of the pumping station looks to the bull on the waterwheel with superiority & despise. The waterwheel bull instead of despising the attitude of the pumping station bull, he feels so bad not because he received this look, but because he doesn't get the chance to give this look to other bulls lower than him in the social hierarchy. He seems to be OK with the behavior, he tends to do whatever he can to work in a pumping station to be able to give the same look to other bulls, & at this moment there is an important phenomenon created "The Suck Dick Phenomenon".

It is clear now that the bull is very sick in the head. I believe that he didn't do this to himself. He just got sick. Nobody wants to be sick or try to do it on purpose.

The Bull & Economic Stability:

For the bull, economic stability comes when you have so many foreign bulls in the country. Rich bulls coming from all over the world to spend their money, in his head the amount of foreign currency increases in the country & he would get his share of the pie by selling to tourist bulls something at ten times its original price. Seeing stores with signs written in foreign languages, foreign franchises, foreign banks, very expensive cars, cities booming in size, etc... All these are signs of economic stability in the eyes of our beloved bull.
He sees this as the ultimate solution to solve all the problems of inflation, recession, small business cycles. At this point we must admire the situation & sense one of the most ancient phenomenons in our society which is called "The Foreigner Complex". We have the idea that any good solution must come directly or indirectly from someone else that is not a countrybull of our wonderful nation.

The Conflict of Social Stability with Economic Stability:

These days our bull is very sad. He blames all the herds of wild bulls that go down the streets to ask for stuff that doesn't belong to them in the first place. The traitorous herds are the biggest threat for all the foreign bulls, all of them are rapists & they are scaring the foreigners away, not only on the tourism level, but on the investment level as well. Briefly the social instability is affecting the economic stability of his country.

For the bull to know:

I- Social stability consists of:

    1- Change: The ability to make or become different.
    2- Progress: The view that human beings and civilization are improving and advancing toward a better goal also increasing sophistication of knowledge and the improving quality of life.
    3- Social Control: Refer to the social processes by which the behavior of individuals or groups is regulated. Since all societies have norms and rules governing conduct (a society without some such norms is inconceivable) all equally have some mechanisms for ensuring conformity to those norms and for dealing with deviance.
    4- Social Order: Is how and why societies cohere, this can happen in two different ways: 
               a- The role of shared norms and values in maintaining cohesion in society. Mutual self-interest and contractual agreements as the basis of social order in increasingly complex industrial societies. 
               b- Cohesion is sustained through economic compulsion, political and legal coercion, and bureaucratic routine. Economic and political coercion has proved a remarkably effective source of stability, especially where power is legitimated as authority.
    5- Social Solidarity:  Is the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group with people and their neighbors. It refers to the ties in a society - social relations - that bind people to one another.
In simple societies it may be mainly based around kinship and shared values. In more complex societies there are various theories as to what contributes to a sense of social solidarity. Ibn Khaldun argues, effectively, that each dynasty has within itself the seeds of its own downfall. He explains that ruling houses tend to emerge on the peripheries of great empires and use the unity presented by those areas to their advantage in order to bring about a change in leadership. As the new rulers establish themselves at the center of their empire, they become increasingly lax and more concerned with maintaining their lifestyles. Thus, a new dynasty can emerge at the periphery of their control and effect a change in leadership, beginning the cycle anew.

II- Economic Stability consists of:

Absence of excessive fluctuations in the macro-economy, an economy with a constant output, stable inflation, non frequent recession & financial crisis is a stable economy.

Finally the simple proof for the bull, the biggest country in demonstrations & strikes in the world, is the biggest country in tourism in the world.

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